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August 8, 2013
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24 (who?)

Her basic looks. 

Ask/RP account: In progress(old one was banned ;-; ) 

A newer profile for her. this IS SO UPDATED. Omfg. Please read carefully!! If you want to critique comment or note(if it's negative preferably note). If you want me to change something, give me a reason and what to change it to. I am not trying to offend ANYONE with this. I am Faroese so I would never slack off on this and I know how it feels to see a shitty OC that offends you. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. IT WON'T KILL YOU. JUST SIT DOWN AND READ IT.

Country Information

Official Country Name: Føroyar 
Capital: Tórshavn
Largest City: Tórshavn
Languages: Official} Faroese and Danish Unofficial} English, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, and German.
Government: Parliamentary Democracy under Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leader: Queen} Margrethe II High Commissioner} Dan M. Knudsen Prime Minister} Kaj Leo Johannenesen

Human Information

Human Name: Eydís (or Eydis) Schrøter
Nicknames: Faroe, Far, and Maybe (She is the land of maybe). 
Age Appearance: 20
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 29th (Olavsloka or St. Olaf's Day)

About Them

Personality: She can be a fun person to be around, but has quick temper problems and may start yelling and get upset about something very unexpectedly(Representing Faroese weather, very unexpected and violent.... I watched a couple videos o_o). She gets doesn't get offended easily, unless you bring up whaling or family. She does not hold very many grudges and will still accept you. She is known to never have an absolutely positive answer and always think maybe. She isn't very sure when making decisions and finds something random very interesting. She says um and uh constantly, but not in every sentence said. She does not like being touched or hugged by other people, she feels bad about rejecting it though(represents the isolation of the Faroes).
She is very enthusiastic about football(soccer), but is not very good at it. She is also very fond of rowing and participates in rowing competitions, she is quite good at it. She still raves about the 1:0 match against Austria, she gets very proud over smaller things in life. She is also very stubborn and headstrong(represents a male ram, always banging heads and being stubborn). She loves music and listens to folk rock such as Eivør Pálsdóttir and folk metal viking bands such as Týr. 
  Many people mistake her for a sheep loving maniac, but she just likes them enough to not kill her own sheep and take New Zealand's and Iceland's for food.greedy.... She can get a bit greedy when it comes to fishing and fishes so much that there isn't enough for the rest of the place, but tries to keep it to a limit. She is also mistaken for a whale slaughtering maniac, but only kills what she needs and shares it with the poor and elderly. She is accused of killing them violently and slowly and killing them to show maturity or toughness.
  She hasn't experienced much and sometimes doesn't know what people are talking about, such as McDonald's. She is a bit of an oddball to some of the world and enjoys British foods such as Cradbury and fish and chips.
  She is considered a bit manly, participating in whaling, and doing many outdoorsy activities. She does act a bit like a man sometimes, being raised by men, and will lose her feminine charms at times. 
Hobbies: Rowing, soccer/football, fishing(she does it almost everyday and makes a living off of it, selling the fish to other countries), whaling(she is one to stop what she's doing and run to the beach when she hears the call), bird watching(there are lots of birds to watch), knitting(she is famous for how well she knits, she knit her own jumper and scarf, and lace knitted her shawl), sewing(she had to make her own national dress), sheep sheering, cooking weird foods, 
Vices: Takes in many animals, very tidy, doesn't hold grudges, 
Virtues: Sometimes drinking a bit too much(she doesn't have a great liver), very easy to upset, bad temper, and taking in too much mercury.
Likes: Foroya beer(she claims it's expensive, but worth it), sheeps(she doesn't /love/ them, just likes them), birds(preferably puffins), a small circle of friends, art, stamps, poetry, chain dancing, bicycling, Skipskeks(A cracker you eat with milk, Scotland stopped making them so Iceland started making them), The Faroese Nordic House, cooking(but not many people like her cooking, or just find it weird), being the one to punch when a yellow car passes(It's a game in the Faroes that when a rare yellow car passes you punch/poke everyone around you and say "yellow car" not many people enjoy thing game...)knitting, fish, mutton, whale meat/blubber or grind, crafty things, outdoorsy activities, Tourists, and English food. 
Dislikes: How she reeks of fish, how she doesn't win many soccer/football matches, the Media and groups of people thinking she's a merciless whale slaughterer, how people are trying to stop her whaling, a drunk Denmark, when Scotland stopped making Skipskeks, being the one to be punched when a yellow car passes, being touched(but feels bad about rejecting it), large groups of people(unless at a whale hunt, chain dance, or concert), and crime.
Fears: Whaling/fishing being stopped, fishing problems, the Media when they give her negative attention(then it results in some sort of petition), spiders, and drunk people.

Physical Attributes

Blood Type: O
Height: 5'6" or 167 cm
Weight: 128 pounds or 59 kg
Body: She is a lanky young woman with very strong limbs(from rowing and soccer/football). She has a thinner body(on the Faroes you are never 3 miles/5 K from the ocean) with a small bust(about an A or B) and small hips. She has freckles(representing the smaller islands, more like floating rocks, around the main 18 islands) and a mole under her left eye(representing Lítla Dínum, the only uninhabited island). She has thicker eyebrows. 
Hair: Wavy, dusty brown styled in a a cut that reaches her mid neck. Her bangs/fringe are parted to the left side and slightly fall over her right eye.
Eyes: Sharp, vivid jade/turquoise eyes that represent the most common eye color(blue) and also the ocean surrounding the islands. 
Mouth: She has dryer lips, not very pigmented. He lips aren't that full and have no dip. 
Accent: Faroese(think of a mix of an English/Irish accent and a Danish accent).
Military Outfit: None, they receive military protection from Denmark and don't have their own official military outfit.
Casual Outfit: (outfit seen in most) A dusty tan traditional Faroese jumper over a white turtle neck with dark, brittle pants tucked into brown leather combat boots. She wears a pale, dusty blue wool scarf with it most, but is also seen wearing a creamy white Faroese shawl. 
Other Outfits: The Faroese National Dress(she made it herself, not really having any relatives)
Tattoos: None
Piercing: None
Jewelry: None. But does wear silver hair ornaments when wearing her national dress.
Anything on your body represents something in your country?:
- Freckles representing the smaller un-inhabitable islands scattered around the main 18 islands.
- A mole under her left eye representing Lítla Dínum, the only uninhabited island. 
- On the sides of her head she has two thicker ahoge/curls (think of New Zealand's) that represent the large sheep/ram population(it is almost doubled the human population). 
- She is thin because you are never 3 miles/ 5 K from the ocean no matter where you are.
- She has some curve to her(the older version of her didn't) because of the Faroe's hilly area.
- Teal eyes, a mix of the most common eye color(blue), the stereotypical green eyes of the Scottish and Irish monks and the ocean surrounding the islands.

Family and Foreign Relationships

Ancestor: Brendan(Irish Monastic Saint that is believed to have arrived to the Faroes in the 4th century)
Family: Ireland(Parent/Older sibling figure), Scotland(Parent/Older sibling figure), Norway(Older brother figure), and Denmark(Older brother figure, step brother)
Friends: Iceland(best friend), Greenland(best friend), Ireland, Scotland, England(WWII invasion), Sweden, Finland, and many sheep's and birds(mostly puffins and sea birds).
Pets: Many sheep and birds. She does not have a name for any of them, but is seen sometimes trying to keep track of them and trying to name them.
Enemies: A lot of the media(for accusing her of brutally killing pilot whales for fun or to show maturity) and anyone she is playing football with. But she will still keep good sportsmanship.
Potential Love Interest: In Humantalia Iceland would be her love interest. This pairing is the most accurate one with these two.

Brief History

Past Caretakers: Ireland and Scotland(5th to 8th century), Norway(8th century to 10th century), Denmark(10th to present).
**note**((Mein gott... I really didn't want to spam you with this history stuff... So I ended up shortening it again. I found some books on Vikings and the Faroes, so I read those a while ago... I also picked through the Wiki page... If you are absolutely sure that something in my information is not true or I put it wrong, please note me about it. I'll change it if it is true, and I find something about it.))
500s to 900s:
-It is assumed(Actually may be proven, recent studies show people came before the Vikings)that Irish and Scottish Monks arrived on the Islands and settled. (around the 500s)
-First Norse settler, Grimur Kamban, names the Faroes, Funnigur(the find). (825)
-Citizens of Norway who did not approve of the monarchy of Harald I of Norway and immigrated to the Faroes. (800s)
-Vikings arrive in the Faroes, pushing monks off to Iceland. (900s)
-Norway takes the Faroe Islands under his care. (in the 900s)
-The old Norse language is introduced to the Faroes, becoming modern day Faroese.
1000s to 1300s:
-It is assumed that Christianity is introduced. (1000)
-It is assumed that the Faroese Althing is founded.(Around the 1000s) ((if it's true it's the oldest existing document/parliament in the world... It hasn't been proven though))
-Sigmundur Brestirson, whose clan flourish in the southern Faroe Islands, was having his clan almost exterminated by the clans of the northern Faroe Islands, escaped to Norway. (1000s)
-Olaf Tryggvason, King of Norway, sends Brestirson back to claim the islands. Brestirson introduces Christianity to the islands. (1000s)
-The Viking age of the Faroes ends. (1035)
-the Faroe Islands become the Diocese of the Faroe Islands, under the Archbishopric of Lund, a city in Sweden. (around 1000s to 1100s)
-Slavery was abolished in the Faroe Islands. (Around 1200)
-Black Death reaches the Faroes from the British Isles and kills 1/3rd of the population. (1300s)
-She is taken under Danish-Norwegian Rule. But is still territory of Norway and under more of a Norwegian rule.
-Bishop Goswin of Iceland attempts to take the Faroes under his diocese, and fails.
1500s to present:
-The Faroes are attacked by pirates from the British Isles, western France, and later Barbary(the vessel of the Ottoman Empire). (1500s)
-The Reformation reaches the Faroes. (1538)
-The union between Denmark and Norway was dissolved as a result of the Treaty of Kiel, Norway under Swedish rule, making Denmark retain possession of the Faroes, Greenland, and Iceland. (1814)
-After becoming one with Denmark, Denmark introduced Danish and discouraged the Faroese language, abolishing the Løgting(the parliament). The Løgting is replaced with Danish judiciary. (1800s)
-Trade monopoly abolished. (1856)
-National awakening initially based on the struggle to maintain the Løgting and was culturally orientated. (1888)
-Becomes politically orientated, with the foundation of the political parties of the Faroe Islands. (1906)
-British troops occupy the Faroe Islands, to keep Nazi Germany from invading, after the invasion of Denmark. This strengthened the British troops during the Battle of the Atlantic.(1940)
-British Royal Engineers built the only airport in the Faroes, Vagar Airport. (1942-1943)
-Home Rule was introduced. (1948)
-Due to fishing problems, Faroe refused to join the European Union with Denmark.
-She declares independence from Denmark. (2008)
-Gives a loan of 3 billion Icelandic dollars, because of Iceland's falling economy. 

Headcanons and Trivia:
-As a child she was very weak and got bruised very easily(The Faroes didn't have many natural resources back then). Even though the two didn't like eachother, Iceland and her traded medicines for blankets and shawls. A reference to the trading with Iceland to stay strong.
-She gained strength with Norway and later on Denmark. They trained her over... Many years(she wasn't exactly good at combat...).
-As a child her hair was in braids that reached her hips. She later had them chopped off, by force, to her chin, to show she was Norway's thrall(or slave). Greenland and Iceland also had this happen to them.
-After being taken in by Norway, he abused her and made her do backbreaking work. He later warmed up to her.
-She is very generous to poor and sick people.
-One of her favorite drinks is chocolate milk.
-Her and Ireland treat each one another like sisters.
-She doesn't have any older or younger siblings, but treats Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Greenland, and Scotland as if they were.
-Denmark and her don't exactly get along, but they have moments.
-She isn't harmless, even if she gets protection from Denmark. She can handle knifes(preferably a Grind Knife) and rifles pretty well.
-Greenland and her used to have a bad relationship, not really caring for one another and arguing. They now act like adopted siblings.
-She is pretty manly.
-She is good with maintaining money and saving.
-She isn't that good with children... 
-She sometimes talks in an old dialect or uses old words.
-In Guaken hetalia, she joins Ireland's and Wales sheep club. New Zealand also joined.
-She likes sheep a lot... So steals them from New Zealand and Iceland so she doesn't have to kill her own.
-She only dresses for comfort and work reason. She doesn't like flashy things.
-She owns a lot of colorful pajamas... A reference to the colorful houses in the Faroes.
-Eydis means both "Goddess of the Islands" and "Goddess of good fortune". It is also a popular name there.

please read carefully and read it all. critiques are welcome, but if negative please note me about it. thanks!

Critique rule: Don't be all negative about it. Please just try to sandwich some nice things in there, I know this is a good OC.

Oh god guys. I love her so much. pLEASE KNOW THAT THIS IS JUST AN UPDATED VERSION OF HER. Her old one wasn't so good.

Reason I wanted to make this OC: After the Nordics were introduced I wondered why there was no Greenland or Faroe Islands. I am Faroese so I felt inspired to make her. The idea came to me after I re-read all of hetalia and Hetalia OCs were getting popular.

No OC wars or pairing wars!! I don't like comparing OCs. Also don't stalk the comments then randomly reply to one, proving them wrong or starting an argument.

Hope you guys like her ^-^ Don't be afraid to say anything~
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