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APH Elementary Contest Entry: Faroe Islands by Norie-tan APH Elementary Contest Entry: Faroe Islands by Norie-tan

i half assed everything

Well maybe my bio will make up for it

The Faroe Islands

Name: Eyds (Eydis) Joensen
Nickname: Maybe (Acquired from Denmark, The Land of Maybe)
Gender: Female
Age: For this AU about 16-18
DOB: July 29th
Subject: Woodshop and Textiles

Personality: Eydis is a temperamental girl with thick skin and a soft heart.  She is shy around new people, but that side is rarely shown because she prefers a very small set of friends, it takes a lot of work to open her up.  Tradition is very important to her. Her lack of confidence makes her feel unsure about many things so her answer is "maybe" to things foreign to her. She is very resourceful and loves working and doing crafty things. She has lots of pride when it comes to her achievements and traditions. To the people who know her she is a loud mouth and crybaby. She has a rebellious streak. Her shyness led to "isolation" later in life, when she was still in the English subject, she hates people touching her and tight spaces. 

Strengths: Good at arguing and having a quick mind /just not confident to say it; but Denmark is an exception/; excels in art and craftsmanship like knitting, furniture production, and sewing; very kind and generous to people in need; she is good at math but did not want to join the Mathematics subject.

Weaknesses: Her temper is terrible and no one knows when she is going to blow, she has strange mood shifts and cries very easily, Denmark and her are always having arguments, she get's too prideful with her accomplishments, her strength is below average from childhood problems.

Likes: Singing folk songs and telling stories, knitting, getting the last laugh in arguments with Denmark, listening to music such as folk and black metal, seafood, quality time with friends.

Dislikes: Defeat, awkward silence, the media's image of the Faroese.

Talents: Knitting, hand sewing, mathematics, consolidation and organization, 


Denmark / Mathias: In the eyes of many they are seen as a typical brother and sister, even though they aren't related.  They bicker constantly, though Mathias is the more affectionate one. She see's him as a brother deep down, but has only admitted it once and now regrets it. Even though he pisses her off constantly, even to the point of tears, she will never cry in front of him.

Norway / Lukas: When Eydis was very young, she hated him. The two eventually became friends and cared for eachother but, then "gave" her to Mathias.  She avoided him after doing so.  She forgave him after a few months and are friends once again.  She considers him a brother for all she has done for her. 

Iceland / Emil:  These two are best friends.  They have the same traditions, similar languages, and likings.  They have know eachother since childhood.  Eydis feels she is one of the only people she can speak her mind with. She feels like she can trust him with a lot of things. (Preferred ship!)

Greenland: She has know him/her for the same time as Iceland, so she also trusts him/her.  They both have Mathias nagging them, so they gossip about him a lot.  Emil, Greenland and herself are all great friends.

Finland / Tino: Eydis has known him for a long time, but never really opened up to him.  She thinks he is very kind.

Sweden / Berwald: Like Tino, Eydis never opened up to him. When they were in the English class, Berwald kept mentioning the idea of Christianity to her. 

Scotland:  Her older brother/sister, these two have a stable relationship.  At times they have small stupid fights, like when they Scotland stopped making the Faroes' favorite cracker, and she blamed it on him. In their childhood they wouldn't leave eachother's sides.

Ireland: The other sibling. Eydis thinks of s/he as a role model. In their childhood they always stuck together.

England/ Arthur Kirkland: The two have a good friendship.  She loves his cooking and British food, such as fish and chips and Cradbury chocolate.


Cameroon / Jamar:  The two get along well. If it wasn't for Eydis' shyness they would be better friends.

Finland and Sweden / Tino and Berwald:  She has known them for a long time and still has not completely opened up to them, but they are on good terms.

Lithuania / Toris: She doesn't know him much and never really interacts with him.

Spain / Antonio: She did not know him well before his disappearance.  She thinks he is dead, but never has the courage to say or speak of it.

Belgium / Emma: Eydis feels truly sorry for the Antonio situation, but is bad with emotions.  She feels awkward talking to her.

Lichtenstein / Erica: Both of them get along well and talk about random things like the weather and such. 

Taiwan / Mei: Eydis likes how Mei is open about things so she feels comfortable talking to her.  Though Eydis isn't that open with her, though she wants to be. 

Ukraine / Yekaterina: The two join in small talk, but never have hands on conversations.

Preferred Shippings: Faroe Islands / Iceland is my OTP and is very accurate, but I'm fine with it sided u v u.  I know how you like IceSey :iconmingplz:

(because you said we can use characters you think may get along with our ocs I AM TAKING A CHANCE  woopsies i used an oc)

Kosovo / Lindita: Eydis seems interested in Lindita and wants to know more about her. It's like one of those awkward friendships where neither of you know much about the other but actually give a hoot about eachother. 

America / Alfred:  She has little tolerance with loud mouths, even though she is one, so she finds him annoying. To add to the problem, he's hyperactive.  She thinks of Mathias when she is near Alfred.  Alfred once told her "You're pretty white-washed for an Egyptian..." (Alfred you don't just ask people why they are white- Faroe-Pharaoh), both Gupta and Eydis are trying to convince him that the Faroe Islands aren't part of Egypt. 

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